Case Study: Turnkey Integration

Turnkey Solution for New Machine

Company Overview

  • OEM of precision aerospace and medical components
  • $30+ million business

Client Need

  • Division had compressed timeline to replace outdated vertical mill and increase capacity
  • Engineering team did not have capacity or expertise to find, setup, program, and prove out new machine tool solution within compressed timeline

G90 Engineering Solutions

  • G90 guided leadership team through exercise to identify current needs, future state wants, and capacity planning through relevant downstream and upstream operations to identify true capacity
  • Identified new machine and options to achieve goals with justification to dedicate to inconel and titanium part family
  • Identified all setups for multiple pallet mill, including tooling, fixture design and build
  • Programmed and proved out new machine setup through digital manufacturing methods

Project Results

  • Provided Company with 100% turnkey solution within 9 weeks of project kickoff
  • Upon delivery of new machine G90 delivered conforming runoff of all parts within 2 weeks
  • G90 provided full onsite integration of new process including tooling, fixtures, programs, work instructions and training to operators and engineers