Case Study: NC Programming and Machining

Laser Programming: Optimized, Standardized, and Automated

Company Overview

  • Industrial manufacturing company
  • Performed all manufacturing operations of highly variable product lines in house
  • $60+ million business

Client Need

  • Key employee leading laser scheduling, nesting, and programming with 40+ years at Company retired
  • Retired key employee effectively completed all laser functions manually because of vast experience
  • Company experienced a decrease in laser programming output with an increase Laser programming personnel
  • Company was experiencing significant back log growth

G90 Engineering Solutions

  • Assessed programming software and identified automation opportunities to lighten burden on programming division
  • Standardized programming process to ensure consistency and proficiency across team
  • Optimized scheduling of highly variable product lines to help division and company decrease back log

Project Results

  • Over 5 month period, programming backlog was eliminated
  • Company was able to completely free up one employee to move to different role