Custom Machine Build

Client Overview

  • Screw machine industry leader
  • Complex, production machining for various industries

Client Need

  • High volume, tight tolerance part required a two-step manual drilling and chamfer process to complete.
  • During peak season this process required (2) full-time operators per shift
  • Client determined that the best solution with the least number of constraints was to use a Cobot that replicated manual two-step drilling process.
  • Machine needed to meet a cycle time of 4.47 seconds.
  • Client requested that we use the existing hardware on hand.

G90 Engineering Solutions

  • Performed comprehensive engineering design review and FMEA to ensure feasibility as well as ability to meet client needs.
  • Utilized Client’s existing hardware to save on costs.
  • Programmed cobot, machined custom components and assembled machine.


  • Machine requires (1) full-time operator per shift with future capability of running with (0.5) full-time operator per shift.
  • ROI – Less than (1) year
  • Part quality has vastly improved over manual process.

Before (video):

After (video):