Automated Packaging Machine

Client Overview

  • Screw machine industry leader
  • Complex, production machining for various industries

Client Need

  • Ergonomic solution for packaging 8’-16’ boxes that weighed between 30 lbs. – 60 lbs.
  • Operator would count out individual parts (20 – 100 pcs.), load boxes, and then lift boxes to wrap in tape
  • Operator had to stand at machine entire time to count out individual pieces
  • Over the length of an entire shift, the taping process became too physically demanding on operator

G90 Engineering Solutions

  • Performed comprehensive engineering design review and FMEA to ensure feasibility as well as ability to meet client needs.
  • Utilized Client’s existing hardware to save on costs.
  • Programmed cobot, machined custom components and assembled machine.


  • Banding system allows for ergonomic way to package the box while helping to reduce the monthly tape spend
  • Load cells eliminate the need for operator to stand by machine over to count out each individual part and therefore allowing the operator to run two lines at one time

Video Preview: